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Word Work/Spelling

This page has a wealth of ideas and documents for word work and spelling.

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Word Walls

Word walls used to be a huge trend in education, and many classrooms still have them. However, some teachers feel that the traditional word wall of high frequency words is not effective. Luckily, there are many variations on traditional word walls, all designed to improve students word use and knowledge.

High Frequency Word Walls
  • Choose words your students need to learn to read and spell. Fry and Dolch lists are good sources for words.
  • Introduce 4-5 words each week, and post them under ABC headings.
  • Some teachers color code their words by part of speech.
  • Consider introducing at least some words grouped by beginning sound, e.g. 5 th- words one week.
  • Expect your students to spell the words with 100% accuracy once they are placed on the word wall.
  • Spend 5-10 minutes each day with your word wall, doing chants or other activities.
Word Family Displays (a.k.a. chunk walls) ahsfklsjfkl;j
Content Area Word Walls  
Picture Words  
Individual Word Walls  
  • short texts for shared reading (whole class instruction with grade-level material)

Word walls -high frequency, content area, word families, picture words, individual, chants & activities

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